Located in Lausanne, Switzerland we are consultants specialized in Ground Penetrating Radar data analysis. We participate to structure maintenance in providing our customers with clear and synthetic visualization tools dedicated to rehabilitation work for planning and decision making. We are involved in diagnosis, assessment and monitoring stages with analyzing disorders like voids, moisture and chlorides present within the structure, and we synthesize this information in maps of the structure.

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About us

Bridgology was founded 2013 by Alexis Kalogeropoulos, PhD a specialist in Ground Penetrating Radar applied to civil engineering. Bridgology is the result of a project initiated 10 years ago :

It all began in 2005 with Karakas & Français SA, where the first GPR applications have been developed : inspection of tunnels, utility detection and thicknesses calculations; however further development became necessary.

Therefore, a collaboration of more than 7 years was established with Dr. Johannes Hugenschmidt HSR ; it led to the publication of an article on the inspection of retaining walls with GPR; then in obtaining a research grant FNS for a doctorate on the determination of chloride and moisture content in concrete with GPR.

This PhD, obtained in 2012, was held under the joint supervision of Dr. Johannes Hugenschmidt then at EMPA, of Prof. Eugen Brühwiler EPFL, and of Prof. Jan Van der Kruk ETHZ then FZJ.

Today, Dr. Kalogeropoulos contributes to scientific community as a reviewer for scientific journals like NDT&E International and Near Surface Geophysics. Finally, he teaches at EPFL in introducing Masters to GPR, and with providing digital signal processing teachings to doctoral school.